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AlpinAir Paragliding Interlaken – FAQ

How do i dress for a flight?

Paragliding is an outdoor activity, so please wear warm cloth in the winter time for example a ski dress. During summertime a wind breaker should be enough.

Please make sure you wear proper shoes. In any case we do have always shoes to borrow.

Pictures and Videos

To document your spectacular trip, bring your own camera with you. Just make sure your camera is fixed on either your neck or your wrist.

We provide our own picture service with special paragliding Full HD camera system to memorise your trip. Just after the flight we’ll show you the picture and vdeo files on a tablet computer.

Video file doesn’t play

In this case, please download the actual DivX Player or try to play the storage media on a different device. If nothing helps and you can’t play your files anywhere please contact us so we can provide your data as a download. 

AlpinAir Paragliding Interlaken keeps a backup of your data for 1 month.

Can i talk to the pilot during the flight?

Yes, ask him about the area and whatever else you like to know.

Am i able to control the wing by myself?

This depends the weather condition. If they’re good you’ll be able to.

What if i feel sick?

If you are used to get sick very quickly, it would be helpful to let us know before we take off. During the flight please let the pilot know as soon as you feel sick.

General conditions

The whole trip is on your own responsibility. Please check any transport regulations with your pilot.

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